Bunaken & Manado Diving Videos

The area around Manado in North Sulawesi provides some excellent scuba diving. In June and November 2006 I stayed on Bunaken Island with Two Fish Divers. Bunaken is a protected marine park offering wall diving topped by spectacular coral reefs. Besides Bunaken Island itself, I also made visits to dive sites in the surrounding area at the island of Manado Tua and on the Sulawesi mainland.

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Whitetip reef shark at Bunaken Island

Bunaken Diving HD Video

The fascinating underwater world of Bunaken Island marine park which lies near Manado on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. We journey first to Batu Lohang on the island of Manado Tua where we witness some of the world's finest hard coral communities. At Bunaken Island we visit Ron's Point, Sachiko and Lekuan where we meet green turtles, sharks and a host of smaller marine life. We finish with a visit to nearby Siladen Island.

Parrotfish at Bunaken Island

Bunaken Night Dive HD Video

Night dive at Bunaken Island, Indonesia. Fascinating critters shot in high definition HDV in November 2006. Featuring squid, damselfish, butterflyfish, starfish, scorpionfish, slipper lobster, crabs, anglerfish, shrimps, parrotfish, nudibranchs and twinspot lionfish.

Ribbon Eel at Wori near Manado

Wori Critters HD Video

Scuba diving at Wori and Tiwoho near Manado. Wori is an excellent muck diving destination on the Sulawesi mainland and a short boat trip from Bunaken Island. On a single dive in November 2006 I encountered catfish, nudibranchs, ribbon eels and various rare fish. Afterwards I dived at nearby Tiwoho where squid were laying their eggs. High definition footage shot with my Sony Z1 camera.

Girl in Bunaken village

Bunaken Island Video

While taking a break from scuba diving on Bunaken Island I had the privilege of visiting the delightful Bunaken village where Muslims and Christians live together in harmony. The village kids were fascinated by their own image on my video camera's flip screen.

Nudibranch at Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island Night Dive Video

A montage of night-dive video footage from "Muka", right in front of Two Fish Divers' resort on Bunaken Island, shot in June 2006. The video features a snowflake moray, a blackspotted puffer, a stareye parrotfish, nudibranchs, an twinspot lionfish, tassled scorpionfish, and many crustaceans including a decorator crab, a sponge crab, a hermit crab, a spiny lobster and a marble shrimp.

Napoleon Wrasse at Bunaken Island

Bunaken Timur & Sachiko's Point Video

Bunaken Timur lies on the east coast of Bunaken Island. Sachiko's Point is nearby at the north-east corner. Both are typical Bunaken wall dives featuring a wealth of marine life. The video features napoleon wrasse, a spotted eagle ray, nudibranchs, a school of striped bonito, banded boxer shrimps, striped eel catfish, a whitemouth moray eel, a banded sea snake, a blackspotted puffer, and fairy basslets. The tops of the walls are covered in spectacular hard corals.

Clown Frogfish at Tanjung Pisok near Manado

Molas Shipwreck & Taunjung Pisok Video

The Molas shipwreck was a Dutch cargo vessel sunk during WWII near Molas beach, just outside the town of Manado. The deepest part of the wreck lies in 40m water. A school of longfin batfish circles the top of the wreck. At nearby Tanjung Pisok, also on the Sulawesi mainland, we meet orang-utan crabs and a delightful tiny clown frogfish (Antennarius maculatus).

Green Turtle at Bunaken Island

Lekuan I & II, Bunaken Island Video

Lekuan I & II are classic wall dives on the south side of Bunaken Island. Several large green turtles (Chelonia mydas) sleep on ledges on the walls here. Diagonal-banded sweetlips and pelagics like kawakawa pass by in the blue. We also meet a clown triggerfish, a blue-face angelfish being shadowed by a trumpetfish, a golden damsel, a whitespotted boxfish, a doublebar goatfish and a pink anemonefish. A red lionfish hovers over the hard corals in the shallows.

Manado Tua

Manado Tua, Alung Banua & Mandolin Video

Manado Tua, meaning "old Manado", is a dormant volcanic island lying north of Bunaken Island. The video opens with the swim-throughs at Alung Banua on Bunaken Island itself and footage from Mandolin. We then visit Negeri and Bualo on the southern coast of Manado Tua where we meet nudbranchs, an anemone shrimp, leaf scorpionfish, damselfish, different species of anemonefish, a fire dartfish and a christmas tree worm.


Tiwoho Video

Tiwoho is a village on the Sulawesi mainland, just north of Manado and pleasant boat ride from Bunaken Island. The diving on the coast here is different from the sites on Bunaken Island, and has a more "muck diving" feel.

Whale shark at Bunaken Island

Bunaken National Marine Park Diving Video

Scuba diving in the Bunaken National Marine Park near Manado in Indonesia. This is the best of the footage from my 2006 trip, including a baby whale shark at Lekuan. This whale shark was only 4 or 5 feet long and had two big remoras attached to it. This video is 18 minutes long and contains much of the footage from the shorter videos on this page.

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