Underwater Videos

Whale shark video clipUnderwater videos by Nick Hope. Enjoy some virtual diving in Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Fiji, Tonga, the Philippines and beyond.

Starring sharks, whales, tropical fish, coral reefs and all sorts of amazing marine life.

Underwater Videos...

Stock Footage

underwater footageRoyalty free and rights managed stock footage, including a huge catalog of underwater footage from Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Fiji, Tonga, the Philippines and beyond.

I have thousands of clips available for licensing, featuring scuba divers, sharks, whales, coral reefs, tropical fish, marine critters and much more.

Stock Footage...

Marine Life DVDs

Reef Life of the Andaman DVDMarine life DVDs featuring sharks, tropical fish, coral reefs and underwater critters from South East Asia.

Reef Life of the Andaman is a fascinating study into the marine life of Thailand and Burma, Mucky Secrets examines the marine biology of the exotic creatures of the Lembeh Strait, and Diving in Bali brings you the some of the best scuba diving from the island in Indonesia.

Marine Life DVDs...

Underwater Pictures

Lionfish underwater pictureCheck out hundreds of cool underwater pictures.

My collection features coral reef photos from Thailand and Burma, shark pictures, tropical fish photos, and images of all sorts of weird and wonderful marine life.

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Underwater Cameraman

Freelance underwater cameraman Nick HopeHire me to shoot for TV, promo or underwater survey.

I am a freelance underwater cameraman and have been shooting underwater video since 1998. My credits include the BBC, Nat Geo, MTV and the History Channel.

Underwater Cameraman...

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